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HES is one of the top manufacturers of electric door hardware, and Barzel Lock carries a wide range of HES electric strikes in different finishes and options -- from the HES 4500C to the 9600 series and much more.

We offer the popular HES 5000 series of electric strikes, which can be used with metal or wood door frames and are suitable for outdoor use, plus burglary-resistant. The HES 5200 series is also available, and these electric door strikes are tamper-resistant and non-handed, with a variety of faceplate options to choose from.

The HES 7000 series of electric strikes is designed to work with preloaded doors, and their preload release function allows these electric strikes to work smoothly under different conditions throughout the year that often challenge electric strikes and cause them to malfunction -- whether it’s a change in air pressure from the air conditioning system or weather changes, warped doors, or doors with weather stripping. The HES 7500 series is designed to deal with all of these conditions, plus is fire-rated.

We also offer the HES 8000 and HES 8000C cylindrical lock electric strikes, HES 8300C fire-rated concealed for cylindrical locks electric strikes, and HES 8500 series electric strikes that are fire rated for mortise locks.

Need a surface mounted electric strike? We have that covered with the HES 9400 series, 9500 series and 9600 series. These electric strikes have different attributes to fit your needs, so whether you’re looking for a strike that is slimline, fire rated or windstorm rated, you’ll find the parts you need at Barzel Lock!