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Norton is known for manufacturing door closers with a proven track record of quality. Barzel Lock offers all the most popular models of these reliable door closers, which are the choice of engineers around the globe.

We offer the Norton 1600 Series, which come standard with many features and are available with other options, and in your choice of 4 finishes to match any color scheme. If you need a door closer that is good for interior or exterior doors and comes with a hold open option, the Norton 7500 series is an excellent choice.

Our Norton collection also includes the Norton 78-B/F door closer, which features adjustable spring power, adjustable sweep/latch speed and adjustable backcheck cushioning, as well as additional options you can choose to fit your application.

The Norton 8300 series Hold Door closer is ideal for both interior and exterior doors and holds up to heavy usage in settings such as banks, offices, retail stores and more. Norton’s 8501 door closer is durable, affordable and comes with plenty of features as well as a complete range of arm and cover options. We also carry Norton 9300BC door closers in your choice of finishes and in spring size 2, 3, 4 or 5.

For Norton door closers with all the features and finishes you’ve been looking for, shop Barzel Lock today!