Von Duprin

At Barzel Lock, our Von Duprin selection covers the full range of the many different exit devices and door openers the Von Duprin company offers. Some of our popular sellers from the Von Duprin exit device line include the Von Duprin 33 series of vertical rod exit devices; the Von Duprin 99 and Von Duprin 98 series of concealed, surface mounted and other vertical rod exit devices; the Von Duprin 22 exit device series; the Von Duprin 55 series of cross bar exit devices; and the Von Duprin 88 exit device series.

We offer Von Duprin products in a wide range of options, such as several different finishes to fit your application and in fire-rated or non-fire-rated versions. Many of these exit devices are fully reversible (non-handed) and field-sizeable to make them easy to install for an exact fit.

For rugged exit devices that stand up to heavy use and keep your building’s exits secure, order Von Duprin exit device products today from Barzel Lock.

Von Duprin 6000 Series Solenoid Kit

Von Duprin 6000 Series Solenoid Kit

by Von Duprin
$ 68.15

Von Duprin Electric Strike Replacement Solenoid 050237-12VDC, 050239-16VDC, 050240-24VDC (FS & FSE)

  • Fits all 6000 Series electric strikes
  • Grade 1