LCN Door Closers

LCN is a trusted manufacturer of high quality door closers, and Barzel Lock is a leading distributor of LCN products. We keep all options of LCN door closers in stock and ready to ship.

Some of the most in-demand LCN door closer products we carry include the LCN 1461 standard door closer with regular arm; LCN 4041 door closer; LCN 4111 Spring Cush-N-Stop door closer (with or without the Hold Open option), and LCN 4040XP series of door closers in several options and your choice of colors/finishes -- among many others.

LCN door closers are made to withstand years of use in high volume settings because they are built with features such as double heat treated steel pinions, forged steel main arms and cast iron parts. They’re also highly adaptable to your needs because we offer LCN door closers with right or left hand handling, a plastic or metal cover, and standard or delayed closing action.

Shop with Barzel Lock today for LCN door closers that have all the options you need and are fast and easy to install!