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Barzel Lock Stocks Kwikset Locks In All Options. From Front Door Locks, Lever Locks, Knobs & Deadbolts. The Locks Could Be Used On Bedroom Doors, Bathroom or Front Doors etc... Please Browse Our Selection Of Kwikset  Locks.

Kwikset Front Door Locks

Kwikset Entry Door 

Kwikset Knob Locks

Kwikset Knob Locks

Kwikset Lever Locks

Kwikset Lever Locks

Kwikset Deadbolt Locks

Kwikset Deadbolts


Our Kwikset collection offers front door locks, deadbolts, lever locks and other door hardware that offers both durability and style.

We offer many styles of Kwikset knobs for residential use, including door knobs for passage, privacy, entrance, and single or private dummy knobs. These knobs come in several styles and a wide array of finishes to match your decor perfectly.

Our Kwikset deadbolts are also available in many different finishes, as well as different types of deadbolt. We carry Kwikset 660 single cylinder deadbolts, Kwikset 665 double cylinder deadbolts, Kwikset 780 single cylinder deadbolts and Kwikset 785 double cylinder deadbolts.

And when you want to add better security as well as effortless style, our Kwikset lever locks are an excellent choice. We offer keyed entrance lever locks as well as passage, privacy and dummy lever locks for use throughout your home.

Barzel Lock stocks a wide variety of Kwikset front door locks, deadbolts, lever locks and knobs that work beautifully, look great and help keep your home safer. Shop our selection today!