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Exit devices go by many other names, including crash bar, panic bar, push bar or panic device. Whatever you call it, commercial exit devices or panic bars are used on the inside of outward-opening doors to allow people to leave the building quickly in case of an emergency, and they may also trigger an alarm when opened. Barzel Lock offers many different wholesale commercial exit devices to fit different applications and door sizes.

We carry wholesale panic bars from major manufacturers such as Adams Rite, Arrow, Corbin Russwin, Falcon, Detex, Sargent, Von Duprin and Yale. Our website makes it easy to order the right wholesale commercial exit devices for specific types of exit doors because we offer your choice of finish (such as aluminum or dark bronze anodized finish), bar size and type, and right or left handing to fit the way the door opens.

If you have any questions about our commercial panic bars and exit devices, simply email us at sales@barzellock.com or give us a call at 212-677-7530.

Detex V40 EB Cylinder Dogging Alarmed Rim Exit Device
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Detex V40 EB Cylinder Dogging Alarmed Rim Exit Device

The V40 EB is designed for primary and secondary exits that require an alarmed panic device. The 100dB alarm will sound when someone attempts to exit, alerting management to the unauthorized exit. Barzel Lock Stocks The V40 EB CD In All Options.

Instructions For Detex V40 EB CD


Priced to be the best value for durable and attractive loss prevention panic hardware

• Reduces employee and customer theft
• Fast and easy installation
• Secure installation prevents mistakes, enhances security and reduces maintenance
• Durable design provides years of trouble-free protection, saving on replacement costs
• Fits almost any door in any décor
• Controls foot traffic, deters unauthorized exits, prevents loss and meets building code requirements
• V40xEB - Alarmed Exit Device powered by standard 9-volt battery
• Stainless steel, 3/4" deadlocking Pullman-type latch bolt
• 100 decibel alarm
• 1/8 turn cylinder dogging
 • Heavy-duty angled end cap
• Heavy-duty ribbed aluminum rail extrusion
• Accommodates all types of mortise cylinders with a standard Yale cam (collar required for 7-pin IC cylinders)
• Patented back plate and plastic strike locator provide paperless template for perfect alignment with door and frame 
• Single mortise cylinder (sold separate) provides arming and dogging
• State-of-art electronics offer reliable security and instantaneous alarm
• Field selectable key rearm or 2 min. auto rearm
• Visual and audible arming indicators • Armed and disarmed field selectable status indicator
Mechanical Options:
• CD - Cylinder Dogging (Std.)
 • 36 - Fits 36" Door Width (Std.)
• 48 - Fits 48" Door Width 
• 99 - Surface Strike (Std.)
• 98 - Semi Mortise Strike
Von Duprin 98EO/99EO Rim Panic Exit Device

Von Duprin 98EO/99EO Rim Panic Exit Device

 All Von Duprin 98/99 Series exit devices are UL listed for Accident Hazard and Fire Exit Hardware, and are tested in accordance to ANSI Grade 1 requirements.
Exit devices are a critical part of the Fire and Life Safety egress system and will provide safe and reliable service when properly applied and maintained. Von Duprin designs and manufactures exit devices in accordance to ISO 9001 Quality Management System and meets or exceeds accepted U.S. domestic and International standards. All 98 and 99 series exit devices are UL listed for Panic Hardware or Fire Hardware, and are certified to ANSI A156.3, 2001, Grade 1. Many models are also certified for Hurricane Resistant Applications. Consult your local Allegion sales consultant or the Von Duprin factory for current listings.
It is intended that the information included in this publication, when properly used, will provide clear and reliable guidelines to the proper general selection and application. However, the scope of the information is necessarily limited.

99/98 Specification

99- grooved mechanism case
98- smooth mechanism case
Unusual operating conditions and environments and other external influences can affect the proper application of the products represented. Modifications of these products will also affect UL listings. It is recommended that whenever an unusual application condition exists, or when any modification of a product is considered, that our engineers review the application.

Application engineering services are available to help ensure proper selection or to review any areas where users of Von Duprin products may have questions.

Von Duprin push pad exit devices are available in two external surface styles, designated 98 Series and 99 Series. The two styles are mechanically and dimensionally identical and provide a wide selection of appearance options.

Latch Bolt
Deadlocking latchbolt provides security and improved performance at standard device cost.

The Quiet One®
A fluid dampener decelerates the pushpad on its return stroke and eliminates most noise associated with exit device operations. Furnished on all 98/99™ series exit devices.

Barzel Lock Stocks The Adams Rite 8410, 8420 Narrow Stile Mortise Exit Devices In Stock Ready To Ship. 


Clear Aluminum

Dark Bronze 

  • Heavy duty deadlatching mechanism
  • Strong, durable construction for a high level of security
  • Easy to install
  • Clean, unobtrusive design
  • Pushbar clad or anodized, not plated, in a variety of finishes
  • Fits standard cutout used for the Adams Rite MS® Deadlock on aluminum stile glass doors

8400 Series Certifications:
• UL 305 Panic Hardware
• ANSI/BHMA A156.3 Grade 1
• California State Fire Marshall
• New York City MEA*

*Consult Factory for specific number

Materials: Pushbar made of extruded aluminum, clad or anodized in a variety of finishes.

Handing: Specify handing and bevel if applicable. Lever Entry Trim is field reversible.

Pushbar Length: Standard sizes: dimensioned for 30”, 36”, 42”, and 48” openings. Standard width bars can be field cut to the next smallest opening width.

Backset: Backsets available in 31/32”, 1-1/8”, and 1-1/2”

Door Thickness: Suits 1-3/4” standard. Can be modified for thicker doors.

Stile Width: Minimum 2” Stile. Fits narrow, medium, and wide stile aluminum doors.

Projection: 2-5/8” when fully projected, 1-5/8”when dogged.

Dogging: Standard dogging with hex key or cylinder dogging option. Electric dogging also available.

Fasteners: Standard self-tapping screws.

Cylinders (available separately)

Cylinder x Fixed Pull: (Function 03): Accepts any standard mortise cylinder with MS® cam.

3080 Entry Trim (Functions 08, 09): Accepts any standard diameter mortise cylinder with MS® cam. Accommodates cylinder lengths from 1” to 1-1/4”. (Available separately).

Warranty: Five year limited.

Strikes: A variety of strikes are available for different applications and conditions. Standard strike (included), Extended Lip 8460-17 (available separately), Longface 8455-01 (available separately).

Thick and Cladded Door Kits:
  • 91-0995-02* - 2” Thick Door Kit
  • 91-0995-03* - 2-1/4” Thick Door Kit
  • 91-0995-04* - 2-1/2” Thick Door Kit
  • 91-0995-05* - 2-3/4” Thick Door Kit
  • 91-0995-06* - 3” Thick Door Kit
  • 91-0325-01 – Thermal Door Kit – ¼” Cladding
  • 91-0325-02 – Thermal Door Kit – ½” Cladding
*Order 8460-XX Long Lip Strike as required.

Please Call If You Cant Find The Option On Our Site. 212-677-6750

Options and Accessories:
Silent Electrification Motorized Latch Retraction: The SE Motorized Latch Retraction option provides near-silent operation for quiet environments such as hospitals, offices, hotels, and libraries where solenoid-driven devices would be disruptive.


Cylinder Dogging: For management control of dogging exit devices for life-safety exit devices only.

Electric Dogging: A holding magnet keeps the pushbar depressed (set manually) and the latch retracted for lower profile exit devices, resulting in less damage and quieter operation.

Matching End Caps: Matching end caps are available for applications where it is preferable that the end caps match the finish of the exit device. Available for US finishes only.

Available Finishes: 313 Dark Bronze Anodized, 335 Black Anodized, 628 Clear Anodized, US3 Bright Brass, US4 Satin Brass, US32 Bright Stainless, US32D Satin Stainless.

Falcon 24-R EO Narrow Stile Rim Exit Device
 Falcon 24-R EO Narrow Stile Rim Exit Device. Offices, banks, assisted living facilities, retail stores and other commercial buildings have constant traffic, so door hardware must be able to take continual use and abuse. The Falcon 24 Series exit devices fit the bill with some of the toughest, most reliable performance in the business. A host of features makes this a smart solution, like a choice of an A or B label fire rating, electrified and panic options, and a full complement of trims. Sleek, streamlined styling and narrow stile device applications means a smart solution for your building design, as well as its use. And since they’re backed by one of the best names in the business, you can be sure you’re getting the utmost value, reliability and durability.
Hand: Non-handed
Finishes: US26D (626); US32D (630); US28 (628), 313AN
Strikes: 299F strike standard
Latchbolt: Stainless steel, 3⁄4" throw
Dogging feature: Half turn hex dogging standard. No threaded parts to wear out.
Doors: 1 3⁄4" thick, wood or metal. Specify thickness if other than 1 3⁄4".
Projections: 2 3⁄4" maximum, 2" dogged.
Mounting height: 40" from CL to finished floor
Electric functions: Can be interfaced with building security systems. Latch retraction, security monitoring, delayed egress and exit alarm available (EL fail- secure only)Please Call 212-677-7530 Fot Electric Function.
Fasteners: All mounting screws are concealed.
Sex bolts: Recommended when device is used with hollow core wood, composite or light gauge hollow metal doors
ANSI: Certified ANSI A156.3-2001 grade 1 standards.
Features and Benefits
  • Streamlined design includes flush-end cap for clean lines and a more attractive installation
  • Stainless steel pushpad cover for a scratch-resistant surface
  • Clean design with no exposed screws or rivets on the back of the device
  • Patent-pending deadlocking technology ensures reliable security
  • One trim input design for maximum versatility
  • Extruded aluminum construction delivers greater strength and impact resistance
Marks M9900 36" Aluminum Exit Device

Marks M9900 36" Aluminum Exit Device

by Marks USA
$ 204.00
Barzel Lock Stocks The Marks M9900 & M9900F Ready To Ship For Free. The M9900 series exit device provides extreme durability for high impact applications such as schools, universities and other institutional or commercial buildings. The heavy-duty cast chassis provides superior durability, while the smooth reduced projection touchbar assembly minimizes catch hazards. The partial length touchpad permits options such as dogging.